Episode 50: Chrissy King Discusses Diversity in Fitness

Listen to “Episode 52- Chrissy King and Dr. Tyna Moore discuss Diversity in Fitness” on Spreaker.

Listen in with Dr Tyna Moore and Chrissy King Discussing Diversity in Fitness

Access, diversity, inclusivity and intersectionality are all important topics that need to be considered in the fitness industry as well as the world. Women and people of color are highly underrepresented in fitness (and other professions) and this is an important and often times uncomfortable topic that needs to be discussed and have light shed on it.

Special Moments

  • 4:15 – Chrissy’s journey to where she is currently
  • 10:47 – “Empowerment is only as powerful as it is inclusive.”
  • 39:58 – Smart Fit Girls
  • 50:50 – Where to find Chrissy

Quick Links

Chrissy King’s Website – www.ChrissyKing.com

Chrissy King’s Instagram – @iamchrissyking

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