Episode 52: Dr. Jerry Bailey on Frailty vs Strength

Listen to “Episode 54- Dr. Jerry Bailey on Frailty vs Strength” on Spreaker.

Tune in as Dr Tyna Discusses the Frailty Syndrome with Dr. Jerry Bailey and What to Do About It

I cannot wait for this conversation! You do not want to miss this. Dr. Bailey is not only a smart, compassionate and talented doc, but he’s so funny. We are going to talk about frailty syndrome and what that looks like if left unchecked, as well as what to do about it.

Special Moments

  • 2:43 – Dr. Bailey talks about his background and  his show: The Guy Show
  • 6:57 – Dr. Moore and Dr. Bailey speak on frailty and how to prevent it
  • 29:06 – Fitness and mental stability
  • 38:53 – Dr. Moore and Dr. Bailey talk accessibility
  • 51:42 – Where to find Dr. Bailey and his resources

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Facebook – TheGuyShow

Dr. Bailey’s Radio Show Website

Dr. Bailey’s Clinic Website

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