Episode 53: Dr. Trevor Cates the SpaDr: How Your Health Impacts Your Skin

Listen to “Episode 56: Dr. Trevor Cates the SpaDr: How your health impacts your skin” on Spreaker.

Listen in with Dr Tyna Moore and Dr. Trevor Cates Discussing Skin and Health

Beauty truly is skin deep. Join me as I chat with Dr. Trevor Cates about skin, health, and how your skin is a mirror to what’s going on beneath.

Special Moments

  • 7:54 – Dr. Cates talks about her skincare
  • 15:15 – How Parabens and overall health reflect in skin
  • 24:09 – Dr. Cate’s talks about her skin quiz and her products
  • 33:21 – Dr. Cate’s Book and where to find it
  • 49:32 – Where to find Dr. Cates and other resources

Quick Links

Dr. Cate’s Book – https://book.thespadr.com/

Dr. Cate’s Website – https://thespadr.com/

Dr. Cate’s Skin Quiz – http://theskinquiz.com/

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