Episode 55: Dr. Bob Harding: Why This ER Doc Prescribes Strength Training

Listen to “Episode 58: Dr. Bob Harding: What This ER Doc Prescribes Strength Training” on Spreaker.

Tune In to Hear Dr Tyna Moore interview Dr. Bob Harding About His Own Journey to Wellness as Well as His Top Suggestions for Patients

Dr. Bob Harding is an ER Doc and a Functional Medicine Doc. He knows a thing or two about how to stay out of the emergency room and sees very common life threatening conditions daily that could have otherwise been avoided. Tune in to hear about how his own journey to wellness as well as his top suggestions for patients. We also discuss strength training and avoiding hip fractures!

Special Moments

  • 3:30 – Dr. Harding talks about his weight transformation
  • 13:38 – Dr. Harding shares some scary medical statistics associated with hip fractures
  • 30:05 – Dr. Hardings thoughts on Cardio vs. Weights
  • 52:06 – Where to find Dr. Harding and other resources

Quick Links

Dr. Harding’s websites –  https://drbobharding.com/ , https://www.apeironcenter.com/

Dr. Harding’s Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/574366316261705/

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