Episode 64: How Your Thyroid Impacts Your Pain

Listen to “EP 64: How Your Thyroid Impacts Your Pain” on Spreaker.

Tune In with Dr Tyna as She Talks About How Your Thyroid Impacts Your Pain

A little appreciated fact about the thyroid gland is that it’s health determines a lot about your musculoskeletal health. Your muscles and joint health are intimately related to your thyroid hormonal levels. Listen in to hear all the ways, as well as what to do about it.

Special Moments

  • 3:06 – Why Dr. Moore thinks almost everyone has or will have thyroid disease at some point
  • 9:04 – Labs that are helpful to determine thyroid issues
  • 22:15 – Musculoskeletal findings in the thyroid patient
  • 32:37 – Skeletal muscle, contractile function, skeletal muscle growth, and bioenergetics of your metabolism of your muscles, it’s all dependent on thyroid
  • 48:20 – Steps to take now that can be helpful for the thyroid

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