Episode 65: Dr. Sam Madeira Talks Testosterone Myths

Listen to “EP 65: Dr Sam Madeira Talks Testosterone Myths” on Spreaker.

Listen In as Dr. Sam Madeira and Dr Tyna Talk About Testosterone Myths

5 Myths about Testsoterone & Testosterone Optimization Therapy, the overlooked causes of low testosterone in men (and women!)

Special Moments

  • 4:58 – Being overweight tanks testosterone
  • 12:38 – Conventional treatments for low testosterone and why they are bad
  • 22:28 – Inflammation in the gut, which leads to inflammation in the brain and the blood. How does that impact testosterone?
  • 31:34 – low testosterone, undiagnosed, can lead to diabetes especially if lifestyle is out of balance over time
  • 46:26 – How fats, sleep, and stress affect hormones
  • 51:19 – Where to find Dr. Madeira and other resources

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