Episode 67: Dr. Emily Kiberd and the Thyroid Strong Program

Listen to “EP 67: Dr. Emily Kiberd and the Thyroid Strong Program” on Spreaker.

Tune In as Dr Tyna and Dr. Emily Kiberd Discuss Her Thyroid Strong Program

Strength training is about more than muscles. Listen in as Dr. Kiberd and I discuss how your hormones are intimately tied to your level of strength and why it’s so critical for healthy, functioning thyroid health

Special Moments

  • 14:40 – Dr. Kiberd talks about her Thyroid Strong Program
  • 23:45 – How Dr. Kiberd convinces her patients to strength train
  • 45:33 – Where to find Dr. Kiberd and other resources

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Quick Links

Dr. Kiberd’s Thyroid Strong Program

Dr. Kiberd’s Website www.urbanwellnessclinic.com

Dr. Kiberd’s Facebook & Instagram

Dr. Kiberd’s Podcast – Muscle Medicine

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