Episode 68: Mira Dessy NE The Ingredient Guru

Listen to “Mira Dessy NE The Ingredient Guru” on Spreaker.

Listen In to Mira Dessy and Dr Tyna Discuss What You Are Eating and Why It Matters Most

Mira Dessy NE and Dr Tyna discuss all things food ingredients, food additives and artificial sweeteners. Find out what you are eating and why it matters most!

Special Moments

  • 1:18 – Mira’s story and personal experience with nutrition and food
  • 3:47 – Mira talks about her book: The Pantry Principle
  • 8:08 – Artificial Colors and Sweeteners
  • 40:56 – Mira speaks on making choices with food 
  • 49:48 – Where to find Mira and other resources 

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