Episode 69: Dr. Sabrina Solt: Stem Cells Don’t Come From A Vial

Listen to “EP 69: Dr Sabrina Solt: Stem Cells don’t come from a vial” on Spreaker.

Tune In As Dr Tyna and Dr. Sabrina Solt Talk About Stem Cells!

With so many “pop-up stem cell shops” happening all over the US, we wanted to clear the air on what really constitutes stem cells. If you received an injection from a clinic that came from a vial that your doctor had shipped to their office, it was NOT stem cells. Listen in to find out all the details and clear the air on this often misunderstood arm of medicine.

Special Moments

  • 4:08 – Dr. Solt talks about her clinic and how she got into stem cells
  • 6:26 – Dr. Solt talks about Biologics and how they are not stem cells
  • 23:43 – Dr. Solt and Dr. Moore talk about the different types of stem cells – 23:43
  • 40:14 – What are Exosomes?
  • 49:21 – Where to find Dr. Solt and other resources

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Dr. Solt’s Phone # to become a patient – (480) 347-2560 

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