Episode 70: Little Red Pills: The Truth About Over the Counter Pain Meds

Listen to “EP 70: Little Red Pills: The truth about over the counter pain meds” on Spreaker.

Listen In with Dr Tyna as She Talks About the Many Dangers of Over the Counter Meds

We are handed these drugs like candy, with flashy commercials showing healthy people popping these little red pills and carrying on with their fabulous lives. There is a very dark and dangerous side to these readily available medications that you haven’t been told. Join Dr. Tyna Moore as she pulls the curtains back on just how deadly these drugs can be.

Special Moments

  • 4:44 – How Ibuprofen masks the fire inside our bodies
  • 14:49 – The many dangers of Ibuprofen
  • 32:46 – Dr. Moore explains why ibuprofen cause damage to the kidneys and other vital parts of the body
  • 41:34 – Dr. Moore talks about natural ways to help with pain and inflammation

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