Episode 71: Eat Your Way Out of Pain: Your Mouth is Not a Garbage Can

Listen to “EP 71: Eat Your Way out of Pain: Your Mouth is Not a Garbage Can” on Spreaker.

Tune In with Dr Tyna as She Discusses How to Eat Your Way Out of Pain

Join Dr Tyna as she discusses how the foods you choose to eat are processed in your body and ultimately impact your pain levels in a myriad of ways. Learn what to eat with her signature simple explanation of complex concepts to justify WHY.

Special Moments

  • 5:20 – Your mouth is not a garbage can
  • 13:52 – Nutritionally you are what you eat
  • 19:53 – Dr Tyna talks about the microbiome
  • 32:28 – Dr Tyna discusses food and how to navigate it
  • 45:23 – Dr Tyna goes over bad fats, carb intake, protein, and alcohol
  • 52:45 – Where to find Dr Tyna and other resources

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