Episode 72: Optimizing Tissues for Regeneration

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Listen In with Dr Tyna as She Discusses Optimizing Tissues for Regeneration

Having good clinical outcomes with regenerative injection therapies is about a whole lot more than just having a skilled doctor doing the procedure. It comes down heavily on the overall health of a the patient. In this episode Dr Tyna Moore breaks down the main factors she considers prior to applying these treatments. These are not hard and fast rules, simply consideration for both the patient and the practitioner.

Special Moments

  • 6:02 – Regenerative injection therapies are only as good as the person’s ability to heal
  • 12:20 – Why nutrition status is 100% critical 
  • 18:43 – Hormonal status and why it matters 
  • 24:13 – Fluoroquinolones toxicity 
  • 33:12 – CNS (Central Nervous System) Status and why it matters
  • 43:57 – Dr Tyna covers what her patient process looks like when it’s applied 
  • 55:21 – Where to find Dr Tyna and other resources 

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