Episode 73: Gut and Pain – Part 1 with Dr Tyna

Listen to “EP 73: Gut and Pain: Part 1 with Dr. Tyna” on Spreaker.

Listen In As Dr Tyna Talks About Gut and Pain

What does your gut health and your pain levels have in common? EVERYTHING. Listen in to part 1 of this series all about the different mechanism in which gut issues drive pain.

Special Moments

  • 3:48 – “If your stomach hurts, and your joints hurt, it’s all the same thing”
  • 6:52 – Nutrition and Gut Flora 
  • 26:08 – “Feed your gut biome the way you want them to grow. That’s all I’ll say about that. Then, there’s intestinal permeability.”
  • 47:48 – Dr. Tyna’s big tips on foods for a healthy gut

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