Episode 74: Pain-Proof – The Psycho-Social Model of Pain Care with Dr. Rob Kachko

Listen to “EP 74 : Pain-Proof: The Psycho-Social Model of Pain Care with Dr. Rob Kachko” on Spreaker.

Listen In As Dr Tyna and Dr. Rob Kachko Discuss The Psycho-Social Model of Pain Care

Dr. Kachko and Dr. Tyna dive deep in the the psycho-social model of pain care and discuss all manners of how society, beliefs, dogma and upbringing impact one’s pain levels, as well as what to do about it.

Special Moments

  • 5:49 – Dr. Kachko talks about how he identifies and treats chronic pain
  • 15:33 – Dr. Kachko discusses our inherent tendency to want to stop moving when we are in pain and why it’s the worst thing to do
  • 33:43 – A link between trauma and pain – how Dr. Kachko helps these patients
  • 49:16 – Where to find Dr. Kachko and other resources

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