Episode 75: 6 Entrepreneurial Truths and the Myths We Perpetuate

Listen to “EP 75: 6 Entrepreneurial Truths and the Myths We Perpetrate” on Spreaker.

Tune In As Dr Tyna Goes Over 6 Entrepreneurial Truths and Myths

Being a Naturopathic or Functional Medicine Doctor requires that you be an entrepreneur, whether we like it or not. After over a decade in practice and over 25 years in the field, I’ve learned a few truths and heard the same myths on repeat. Join me as I shed some truth bombs on the subject. This info is essential for ANY entrepreneur in any business.

Special Moments

  • 21:26 – The myth that as an entrepreneur you can do it alone
  • 25:56 – Why it takes more than tenacity, grit, and hustle to be a successful Entrepreneur
  • 31:52 – “You literally cannot level up in your success in your income if you’re not fit”
  • 34:42 – The myth that as long as your schedule is full I’ll be fine
  • 38:12 – You determine your value and what your worth
  • 49:52 – Dr Tyna talks about her Mastermind programs for 2020 and how you can join

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