Episode 78: Dr. Emek Blair Discusses All Things CBD

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Tune In as Dr Tyna and Dr. Emek Blair Discuss All Things CBD

Have you been confused about CBD with all the info out there? Sourcing is really important, how it’s processed, and how it’s absorbed are all things to consider when investing in a good CBD product. Listen in to learn about this amazing substance from one of the world’s top scientists in liposomal delivery and hear why all CBD products are NOT created equally.

Special Moments

  • 6:26 – Dr. Blair talks about lipids and delivery system
  • 10:22 – Dr. Blair talks about the misconception of holding CBD under your tongue and why it’s not efficient
  • 18:06 – Dr. Blair talks about his product, Liposomal Hemp Actives 350
  • 24:04 – Dr Tyna and Dr. Blair discuss the concerns about hemp being a bio accumulator
  • 27:49 – Veterans and post-traumatic stress disorder and the use of CBD
  • 34:02 – Dr. Blair discusses things to look for in a good CBD product
  • 46:46 – What is CBG?
  • 49:11 – What the entourage effect is and why we need a full spectrum product
  • 51:18 – Where to find Dr. Blair and other resources

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