Episode 79: Dr. Kara Dionisio & Dr. David Miller aka “Boobs and Tubes”: All About Naturopathic Medicine Done Right

Listen to “Episode 79: Dr Kara Dionisio & Dr David Miller aka “Boobs and Tubes”: All about Naturopathic Medicine done right” on Spreaker.

Listen In As Dr Tyna Discusses Naturopathic Medicine Done Right with Dr. David Miller and Dr. Kara Dionisio

We three dug deep into the discussion of what Naturopathic medicine is, how it is the OG functional medicine and what boobs and tubes has to do with it. High energy and engaging episode.

Special Moments

  • 2:57 – Dr. Miller talks about how functional medicine is a standardized extract of naturopathic medicine
  • 19:49 – Dr. Miller, Dr. Dionisio, and Dr. Tyna tackle the question “why would someone pay a naturopathic doctor a bunch of money when they can just pay a health coach the same, or much less, to tell them simple solutions.”
  • 26:52 – Dr. Miller, Dr. Dionisio, and Dr. Tyna discuss biohacking and their thoughts it on
  • 51:01 – Where to find Dr. Miller and Dr. Dionisio

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