Episode 80: Women Need Testosterone, Too!

Listen to “EP 80: Women Need Testosterone, Too!” on Spreaker.

Listen In As Dr Tyna Talks About Testosterone and Why Women Need It Too!

In early January I did a super fun webinar for docs all about why women need testosterone too. In it I doubled down on pain and T. It’s not just about fatigue and low libido! Have a listen in on all the reasons women can benefit from BHRT, including T therapy, as well as what it’s got to do with your joint pain. Men, this includes you too!

Special Moments

  • 2:15 – Dr Tyna talks about her experience with being low-T
  • 9:18 – If you need hormones you need hormones!
  • 13:44 – Symptoms of low testosterone in men
  • 21:42 – Symptoms of low testosterone in women
  • 50:02 – Foods that can help testosterone
  • 54:56 – Where to find Dr Tyna and other resources

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Quick Links

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