Episode 81: Dr. Asia Muhammad – The Fatty Liver Epidemic

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Tune In As Dr Tyna and Dr. Muhammad Discuss The Fatty Liver Epidemic

Dr. Asia Muhammed, Naturopathic Physician, joins me today to discuss fatty liver and gut health. Non-alcoholic fatty liver is an epidemic in the US and no one seems to think there is a problem. In fact, it’s being completely normalized by the medical profession. Considering it is a large contributor to liver failure and leads to death or the need for a liver transplant, we think this is a pretty big deal! Listen in to learn more and find out how simple this is to reverse with lifestylechanges.

Special Moments

  • 4:19 – What is NASH, why is it so concerning, and how much of an epidemic are we dealing with?
  • 13:45 – Dr. Muhammad talks about how alcohol damages the liver
  • 25:31 – Dr. Muhammad talks about lab markers that could indicate fatty liver
  • 41:18 – What are the best things people can do to recover from fatty liver?
  • 48:49 – Where to find Dr. Muhammad and other resources

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