Episode 82: Dr. Micah Allen: All About High Blood Pressure

Listen to “EP 82: Dr. Micah Allen: All About High Blood Pressure” on Spreaker.

Listen In As Dr Tyna and Dr. Micah Allen Talk All About High Blood Pressure

While everyone is over there trying to bio-hack their way into their best lives, 1 in 2 African Americans are suffering with high blood pressure after the age of 20! Not to mention ALL the Americans walking around with hypertension and heart disease as well. It is literally an epidemic. Listen in as Dr. Tyna Moore talks with fellow Naturopathic Physician Dr. Micah Allen as they discuss all things high blood pressure from a holistic perspective.

Special Moments

  • 3:35 – Dr. Allen talks about how she became interested in high blood pressure
  • 13:39 – Dr. Allen discusses contributing factors that can lead to heart disease
  • 21:40 – Dr. Allen shares some statistics on African American women and hypertension
  • 41:07 – Healthier salt options for people with high blood pressure
  • 50:43 – Where to find Dr. Allen and other resources

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Dr. Allen’s Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook

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Dr. Allen’s resource for people experiencing high blood pressure: slayyourhighbptoday.com

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