Episode 83: Dr. Amy Killen: Skin and Sex

Listen to “EP 83: Dr. Amy Killen: Skin and Sex” on Spreaker.

Listen In as Dr. Amy Killen and Dr Tyna Discuss Regenerative Medicine for Face, Hair, and Genitals

Dr. Amy Killen, the famous “skin and sex” doctor and my good friend, sat down on this episode to discuss how utilizing regenerative medicine for face, hair and genitals is THE most cutting edge approach to rejuvenating these tissues.

Special Moments

  • 4:40 – Dr. Killen talks about treatments she does for sexual rejuvenation for men and women
  • 33:12 – Dr. Killen talks about what GAINSwave is and how it helps tissues
  • 43:20 – Dr. Killen discusses time-frame for seeing results with these treatments
  • 49:50 – Where to find Dr. Killen and other resources

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