Episode 88: Corona Virus: Final Installment with Dr. Paul Anderson

Listen to “EP 88: Corona Virus: Final Installment with Dr. Paul Anderson” on Spreaker.

Listen In with Dr Tyna and Dr. Paul Anderson As They Discuss Some New Insight on Some of the Treatments Available in the Hospital Setting.

Shedding new insight on some of the treatments available in the hospital setting, how they work and what it means for you. Plus we discuss simple measures everyone can take right now to make themselves more resilient and durable during this time. Join me while I interview THE famous Dr. Paul Anderson for my third and final installment on Covid-19.

Special Moments

  • 8:25 – Dr. Anderson shares more information about the Corona Virus, some of the treatments being used for it, and how we can decrease inflammation
  • 14:53 – Why just eating healthier is a only a piece of a giant puzzle
  • 21:48 – Dr. Anderson talks about Vitamin C IV’s being used for Corona Virus
  • 31:27 – Dr. Anderson talks about hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin combo.  Is it effective? Is it safe? 
  • 38:29 – Dr. Anderson touches on why Zinc is important
  • 43:49 – Is it possible to get reinfected with the Corona Virus?
  • 55:05 – Where to find Dr. Anderson and other resources

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