Episode 89: Dr. Lacey Chittle What is Optimal Health?

Listen to “EP 89: Dr. Lacey Chittle What is Optimal Health?” on Spreaker.

Tune In with Dr Tyna and Dr. Lacey Chittle As They Discuss Optimal Health, Autoimmune Disease, Lab Markers, and So Much More!

Join Dr. Tyna as she interviews Dr. Lacey Chittle all about optimal health, autoimmune disease, lab markers of health, and so much more. This was a fascinating discussion that you need to hear, now more than ever.

Special Moments

  • 3:27 – The downside of people ordering their own labs
  • 13:53 – Dr. Chittle talks about her own struggle and journey with autoimmunity
  • 25:12 – Being autoimmune can lead to more inflammation post exercise?
  • 30:27 – Dr. Chittle talks about tailoring your exercise to meet the abilities that your body has in the moment
  • 38:47 – Dr. Chittle talks about how to find your heart rate training zone
  • 48:05 – Where to find Dr. Chittle and other resources

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