Episode 90: Corona Virus: Dr. Tyna Answers Your Questions

Listen to “EP 90: Corona Virus: Dr. Tyna Answers Your Questions” on Spreaker.

How do corona viruses work? What makes this one particular? What type of virus is it and how does it differ from other infectious virues? How does it impact the immune system and what does this mean infectivity, immune response and future events? Listen in to hear answers to these FAQs and more!

Tune In as Dr Tyna Answers FAQs about Corona Virus

Special Moments

  • 3:14 – Dr. Tyna goes over what a Coronavirus is and information about it
  • 10:34 – Why is COVID so contagious?
  • 14:08 – Dr. Tyna breaks down how the body’s immune response works
  • 26:13 – Dr. Tyna talks about herd immunity vs quarantine
  • 32:54 – Ace-2 Receptors – what are they?
  • 39:43 – Dr. Tyna talks about vaccines and how they can or cannot work
  • 44:32 – Dr. Tyna goes over supplements and other practices that may help during this time

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