Episode 91: Dr. Jennifer Pierre on Health Disparities in Regards to COVID 19

Listen to “Ep 91: Dr. Jennifer Pierre on health disparities in regards to COVID 19” on Spreaker.

Listen In as Dr. Jennifer Pierre and Dr Tyna Discuss Health Disparities In Regards to COVID 19

Sat down for a difficult and wonderful talk with Dr. Jennifer Pierre to discuss why the the apparent health disparities in regards to the virus, why people are surprised by it, the disconnect between government and people of color and black people in particular and other connections we are seeing with COVID on society. I hope you’ll listen in as I learned a TON and I know you will too.

Special Moments

  • 2:13 – Dr. Pierre touches on why tensions are high regarding the Coronavirus and health disparities
  • 15:02 – Dr. Pierre discusses why the black community is getting hit hard by COVID
  • 37:32 – Dr. Pierre and Dr. Moore dive into the topic of racism in the health industry
  • 56:04 – Where to find Dr. Pierre and other resources

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