Episode 93: Talking Mold with Dr. Jill Crista

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Listen In with Dr. Jill Crista and Dr Tyna Discussing All Things Mold

Mold sickness is REAL and it plagues untold numbers of people. I’ve lived it and I’ve seen what it can do. In this episode I sit down with Dr. Jill Crista, author of Break the Mold, for an honest deep dive into how mold sickness impacts the immune system and so much more.

Special Moments

  • 16:21 – Dr. Crista explains her approach to identify mold sickness
  • 19:40 – Dr. Crista explains the difference between mold and fungus
  • 23:09 – Is it possible to be hypersensitive to mold smell?
  • 30:38 – Can mold/fungus trigger autoimmunity?
  • 38:08 – How and why mold wants you to do certain things
  • 41:43 – Where to find Dr. Crista and other resources

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