Episode 95: Dr. Heather Moday: Optimize Your Immune System

Listen to “EP 95: Dr. Heather Moday: Optimize Your Immune System” on Spreaker.

Tune In with Dr Tyna and Dr. Heather Moday as They Talk About Optimizing Your Immune System

Dr. Heather Moday, a board certified immunologist, discusses how to best optimize your immune system to stay as healthy as possible. Topics like nutrition, lifestyle, stress and sleep are discussed on how they directly impact immune function.

Special Moments

  • 2:42 –  Dr. Moday explains terrain versus germ
  • 6:19 –  Dr. Moday explains the innate immune system versus the adaptive immune system and then how they talk to each other
  • 18:12 – What you eat builds immune cells and what they’re made out of
  • 47:44 – Where to find Dr. Moday and other resources

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