Episode 98: Dr. Billy Mitchell: Naturopathic Medical Approach to Rheumatology

Listen to “EP 98: Dr. Billy Mitchell: Naturopathic Medical Approach to Rheumatology” on Spreaker.

Listen In with Dr Tyna and Dr. Billy Mitchell Discussing the Naturopathic Medical Approach to Rheumatology

There is more to treating rheumatologic conditions than immune suppressing drugs. There exists a hybrid model where Naturopathic Medicine and allopathic medicine combine for the best possible outcomes for the patient and their quality of life. Join Dr. Tyna as she interviews her friend and colleague, Dr. Billy Mitchell, as they dive deep into how to best serve the patient suffering from these debilitating conditions.

Special Moments

  • 8:51 – Labs aren’t black and white, they tell a story
  • 27:04 – Tighten down your lifestyle habits
  • 29:38 – Dr. Mitchell talks about medications that patients are usually put on when they are diagnosed with some kind of confirmed rheumatologic condition
  • 43:28 – Where to find Dr. Mitchell and other resources

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